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Kuldhara:- The Unknown Curse

Kuldhara:- The Unknown Curse

Investigation was done By the paramormal society GRIP of India. And the Confirmed the Hauntings and shadows of the unknown with their latest equipments. Before Going through the Blog You can take a look of the Video inserted to save your time.

Kuldhara story is one of the weirdest and inspiring stories I’ve ever heard. About 15 Km. west of Jaisalmer a city in western Rajasthan lies the ruins of a village which was called Kuldhara. The first sight of Kuldhara village, more a town actually, sends one imagination running to the time it may have been inhabited. A well planned settlement, the straight and wide streets ran in grids with houses opening into them. All design elements kept both aesthetics and utility in mind. A kind of a garage opened into the streets to park carts in. Temples, step wells and other structures were all signs of sound development over the centuries. 

Kuldhara was the name of the largest village in this community consisting of 84 villages.  The village was established in 1291 by the Paliwal Brahmins and was a rather prosperous community due to their ability to grow bumper crops in the rather arid desert.  Paliwal bhramins were a very prosperous clan and were known for their business acumen and agricultural knowledge. But one night in 1825 all the people in Kuldhara and nearby 83 villages vanished in dark. Why did the villagers decide to leave their settlement after having lived there for more that 7 centuries.

 According to the story, there lived a Diwan of Jaisalmer, Salim Singh, who fell in love with the daughter of the village’s chieftain, as she was extremely beautiful. He wanted to marry the girl and threatened the villagers with heavy taxes if he wasn’t allowed to marry her. Self respect and honor were above all materialistic belongings at that time and to protect these, the chief’s of all the 84 villages decided to leave the place. They took away what they could carry and left behind a curse -that any person who attempted to settle down in the village would die. Hence no one dared to live in those villages and so Kuldhara village is also known as the Ghost Village.

 Nobody knows where they went but it is believed that they settled near Jodhpur another city in western Rajasthan. Though nobody knows exactly how they did it, everybody in all of the 84 villages completely disappeared that very night.  Nobody saw them leave or figured out where they went – they simply vanished.  It is believed that they cast a curse over the village as they departed that would bring death to anyone who tried to inhabit the land.  It is likely that this is the reason why so much of the ancient village still remains (though mostly in rubble, but not stripped for materials). The crumbling brick structures span out towards all directions and a ghostly silence is all that lives on there. There are still some double storeyed houses that are intact and the awestruck tourist can well visualise how life went on in Kuldhara, ages ago.
Today the ruins of these villages can still be seen in western Rajasthan and are now tourist sites. The government today maintains the ruins as a heritage site. A walk through the village is akin to wandering onto the sets of a ghost movie. Only, this one is for real. Any one who is planning a visit to Jaisalmer should keep aside a few hours to catch this haunted setting in the eerie desert backdrop.

The first look of the village is very haunting and sad with ruins all over. On reaching this village, you will be welcomed by a sand stone gate built just before the village was abandoned. Once in the village Kuldhara, you will feel as if you have stepped into an entirely different world. Wide dusty roads and sand stone houses on either side of roads depict the architectural marvel of the Paliwal Brahmins. Few houses have been restored and these restored houses display courtyards, kitchen, along with other rooms. The Kuldhara village also has temples.

Once a prospered village, Kuldhara has now turned into a place full of ruins all over, carrying a curse. Though it is not a very popular tourist place but, travel enthusiasts love to  visit Kuldhara. To reach Kuldhara you can hire a taxi from Jaisalmer.

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